Photobooth: Sf Make Out Party, June 2018 at the SF Eagle

You know how to do it during pride month, actually you are just kinda open and slutty and fun all the time, but at least we can extra validate everything when it's June, right? anyone? 

Well it doesn't matter because we get to keep the lip locks going this month, coming up on 7/20 the Make Out Party is back at SF Eagle, this time Nark will be running the photobooth, so maybe things will get weird... or at least will keep him from stealing all the make out opportunities from you, right?

Come join us 7/21 at SF Eagle with Colin Bass, Adam Kraft, Nark, Dangerous Rose, Dirt Wolf, Just Shannon, Joey Crafty Dough and more :* :* 



Photos by Shot in the City, edited by Roman Robinson

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