Mugshots: Dickslap Finale, December 2017 at The Eagle

Dickslap was a party that made nightlife history, many have asked why we decided to put a ending note on it, well, this was the seventh anniversary.... seven years! So much has changed in that time. Seattle has changed, we've changed, etc etc. Our fight against the liquor board was successful, although we find recent struggles with them. Dickslap was a long running blast of a party but when so much change happens so quickly you need to create open space for new creations, and that's what we're feelin' right now, but we need some time to feel all that out. In the meantime, it was awesome to have such a fun and delightful last bash with everyone, thank you for coming out! 

Your photos from this party are below, we are still doing the Make Out Party at The Eagle because who can ever get enough of that?? We'll see you there !!


Photos by Roman Robinson

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