MUGSHOTS: Weekend Out! Saturday - Trouble, T2-B2, Sunday - Flammable

A fun weekend out toting around the old picture box, it all started with getting into some TROUBLE at the new Fred Wildlife Refuge, which is... AHMAZING. Take a look for yourself, check our this great video, and then hunker down on the photos.

Trouble @ Fred Wildlife Refuge April Edition from Luxcollective (T.J. Davis) on Vimeo.

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Ended the night, or.. morning.. what time did I leave? 5am? Anyways, at the Electric Tea Garden for Tony Burns benefit, full of colorful characters and amazing dj's.

Photos Here

And then we did it all over again at Flammable, but this time mixed in a lot of dancing, but how could you not with Brian Lyons and Matthew Wood serenading you? I also immediately sweat away my face paint into some sort of tragedy.

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