Photobooth: SF Make Out Party, July 2017 at SF Eagle

Every month on the 3rd Saturday at the SF Eagle we prove and prove again that SF has more babes than we can count, but we keep trying! Come out and join us each month for a special tongue bath with said babes, free jello shots, good vibes and cute pix. Next month we have special guest DJ femme babe La Fraicheur coming in from Berlin, let's give her a warm welcome!

Also, speaking of city of babes, it's Dore Alley weekend and they are just everywhere, if you're out on the town tonight (7.29 Saturday) come see us at Oasis for SMOTHER! 



And of course come join us next month! 8.19 at The SF Eagle :* 



Photos shot by Shot in the City / Edited by Roman Robinson

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