Mugshots: Dickslap Seattle, July 2016 at The Eagle

If you know anything about Dickslap here, besides it's history, besides it being third Fridays at The Eagle, you know that our spirit animals that channel all the energy fur and butts into Dickslap, are cats, and TINA BELCHER. Well surprise surprise, look what strong, independent woman made her appearance this month at the slappening, did you know she was creepin' up on all your dirty bits all night? 

Check out your Tina pics below, but, before you get there, this is our last chance to tell you some major shit, because this month is crayyyyyyy and we need you to be on board with us, below is what is happening, there's Make Out Party tonight (Friday) at The Eagle, a major big ass amazing scandalous dance-filled Bottom Forty warehouse party this Saturday at Mobius Cycle, Dickslap with the one and only Mike Simonetti of Italians Do It Better next Friday for Dickslap, and then PURSE FIRST with Bob the Drag Queen and Thorgy Thor at Neighbours on the 26th. Yes, there are your weekends for the rest of the month. Enjoy! Click on the poster for more details.







Without further adieu, your photos by Rachel Robinson

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