Gender Blender 2016 Photos!

Thanks to everyone that came out to support this years Gender Blender, we had such a fucking rad lineup and that show truly did not disappoint, everyone's performances were amazing and Christeene closing out the night was a religious experience only to be potrayed as above, with her ass up in a sea of hands. 

First in the set you'll see the photobooth photos by Keith Johnson, and after that is the performance and crowd shots by our own Rachel Robinson, enjoy and share! 

If you are a fan of Gender Blender then you're DEFINITELY gonna want to get in on THIS show with BOB THE DRAG QUEEN and THORGY THOR 8/26 at NEIGHBOURS! VIP Tickets are already flying with ease so snag a spot while you can, looking forward to this rager!



Photobooth Photos by Keith Johnson


Photos by Rachel Robinson

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