Mugshots: Dickslap Fetish Phantasmagoria, March 2016 at The Eagle

I gotta say, this was one of my favorite Dickslaps ever. Y'all turned it out for the Eagle's anniversary and for the fetish parade, it was so real and sexy, the vibes were butch and high femme and everything in between, and these sexy sexy photos by Rachel Robinson really capture that. Thanks to all the critters that came out and all the kinksters that flaunted their stuff, Seattle you're the best! So you gotta turn it out again, this Friday, cuz it's my BIRTHDAY party Dickslap, and we'll always be letting you in $2 off in your fetish gear, and there are plenty of other tricks planned for you, come spank me sideways, just, do whatever you want with me, I'm yours. And get your look spruced by Brock again in the barber chair!


Photos by Rachel Robinson

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