Mugshots: Dickslap 5 Yr Anniversary December 2015 at The Eagle, Seattle

Last month we celebrated 5 years of ridiculous Dickslapping times at The Eagle... DANG... 5 years. And to coordinate as such, of course the infamous Kitty the Bear danced in the cage for us (oh and some guy named Boomer Banks ((who is important if you like porn (((which you should ((((seriously look it up (((((it's huge)))))) and the dance floor raged all night to the acidic bliss of Tin Man. Thanks to you for from the bottom of our bottom's heart's for bringing your a-game on the dance floor, that was truly special!

BUT THE HITS KEEP COMING- Because tonight we welcome back another musical powerhouse, PROSUMER!! Hailing from Edinburgh and the depths of Berghain, producing on Ostgut Ton and his own label Potion, this is one majorly talented dude you don't wanna miss, which if you were here last year, you know why. Pllus there will be lots and lots of butt touching. C U THERE.



Photos by Rachel Robinson

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