Mugshots: DBL Dickslap Halloween October 2015 at The Eagle

Just when you thought you'd have enough Dick(slap) you were wrong, WRONG I tell you. Thanks for all the freaks for comin' out to play with us, and the super handsome Rod Thomas / Bright Light Bright Light and Chris Camplin coming in from London or NY or wherever they were currently, doesn't matter, all that matters is they were with US.

So when will you be with us again? Well, there's this Friday for DICKSLAP November (no, not movember) with the coincidentally super-bearded David Sylvester and myself, or, maybe you're in SF and you want to make out with EVERYONE for the SF Make Out Party at the SF Eagle on Saturday? I know I will.

Or maybe super insanely fierce drag ball walk off runway competition shows are your thing, well then get into INTO? next Saturday at Neumos, OKKK.


Well without further adieu, I know you're waiting for these, so here are the photos from DBL Dickslap Halloween by MATT BAUME


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