Mugshots: Dickslap October 2015 hosted by Tina Tokyo

Dickslap, it's just the best time of the month, isn't it? As you can see here condoms rain down on you from the heavens and the vinyl just clings to your skin like, well, skin- meanwhile you're mackin' on Seattle's cute ass people and dancing to the tastemakers from around town and the globe, what's not to like? If you aren't into any of that stuff that's ok, but you sound kinda boring, but that's cool baby you be you. 

Speaking of things you're into.... are you into... INTO? I hate to use the word epic, so I won't, but this will be a huge adjective! Click on the birdy to learn more about INTO? next SATURDAY 11/28 at NEUMOS 

But before that, where will you make out? well, here of course, for the next Dickslap THIS FRIDAY!


Without further adieu, photos by Rachel Robinson


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