Photobooth: Make Out in SPACE 10.09.15 at The Eagle

The best party ever is the Make Out Party, why? ISN'T IT OBVIOUS. You get to make out with everybody, and all those people you ALWAYS wanted to make out with, for years, like you've always just thought about how hot they are and how much you want to inspect their tonsils, and then at this party you just go ask them, "hey wanna make out in the photo booth?" and they are like "Sure." What's not to love?

Well, plus now, we're letting you Make Out in ridiculous situations, like this month was in SPACE, which you've always wanted to make out in, next time? PARIS. When is next time? Well it's always the second Friday, so the next one up is NOVEMBER 13TH. 

Until then, you can practice your skills this Saturday for a DBL Dose of Dickslap with our Halloween party-extravaganza featuring multiple super hot scruffy DJ/musician/professional-pretty-person from London Chris Camplin and Rod Thomas (Bright Light Bright Light), plus the return of ROSS Milam of Scruff, and Amp in the cage and just a whole bunch of crazy hotness and the theme (which you don't have to follow cuz, hi, it's HALLOWEEN) is Murder She Texted / Romy and Michele's Horror High School Reunion. See you there, k?



Without further adieu, Make Out in Space photos by Rachel Robinson


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