Mugshots: Dickslap SF! 8/29/15 at The Eagle


Well, you can say without a doubt this was the messiest SF Dickslap yet, thanks to them them whore d'oeuvres and whip cream, oh and thanks for Blaine for being our big dinner plate, did you get a lick? I certainly hope so. Also thanks for Marke B and Sergio Fesdasz for working out the tunes, and Allen Jordan for the great snaps of all the madness. This week we stick our tongues in more inappropriate places for the next installment of SF Dickslap on FRIDAY 10/30 at The SF Eagle, it's not QUITE Halloween but if you wanna dress like a total slut that's quite alright with us! If you're in Seattle and reading this, join us for a DBL DICKSLAP Halloween butt-fest at The Seattle Eagle this SATURDAY.





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