Some Face Time w/ Joshua J

If it wasn't already obvious, us here at Nark Magazine have been working diligently to bridge the gap between Seattle and some of the countries hottest and queeriest parties, our most fashionable gay icons, DJ's, performers and more that are littered all over the globe and mix them together with Seattle's top nightlife talent. We've created Juanita More's monthly residency, which most recently featured Los Angeles legendVictor Rodriguez, we've had LA's Phyliss Navidad, our lady heart throb from Paris, La Fraicheur, coming up at Fringe in January we will be featuring all Portland talent, and we are werking out a visit from miss Cherie Lily and the incomparable Hi Fashion as well as a visit from the amazing Miracles Club, well, the list goes on. 

Now we are very excited to welcome the mind and pecs behind some of San Francisco's sweatiest, most homo-riffic parties, sir Joshua J. Josh has been working so tirelessly on throwing the craziest and sexiest parties in SF (just take one look at his website and you can see for yourself) that he can't ever seem to leave! But we don't care, he's coming to Seattle, we demanded it, and guess what boys- it's his first time (let's not be gentle). 

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Ex-club-kid turned gay nightlife producer, Joshua J, has been bringing San Francisco’s queer club scene to new heights now for nearly a decade. Throwing weekly and monthly events since 2004, Joshua J strives to be recognized for his non-stop dedication to making San Francisco’s gay nightlife one of the world’s most exciting and diverse scenes. Working closely with other SF icons such as Heklina and Juanita More, Joshua J blurs the line between underground and mainstream, making his parties a guaranteed great time not only for his sub-culture following, but also appealing to celebrity guests such as Jake Shears, Amanda Lepore, Cazwell, Raja, Ongina, Lady Miss Kier, François Sagat, Kennedy Carter, and most recently, Ke$ha. His events Booty Call, Big Top, Mr., and Stallion attract all types of queers, a combo of muscle boys, twinks, lipstick lezzies, drag royalty, fashionistas, and power daddies. Married to his work, this bachelor’s true love is music and can be heard DJing at any of his events. 

Well we sat Josh down to get down to get the scoop on his plans for Seattle, read on!

Nark Magazine: Tell us who you are, but make sure to use a deep manly voice and do some curls.

Joshua J: I am Joshua J, a mustached, muscled, party throwin' DJ from San Francisco always on the hunt for a good time with good ole' boys. 

N: Why have you never been to Seattle, what did we ever do to you?

J: Seattle never invited me over before. He added me as a friend on Facebook, we chatted a few times. We started texting. He wanted to trade cock shots, I said I was down, but then he chickened out. I hope he has grown a set of balls this time around. 

N: Did you know it's totally uncool here to use an umbrella in the rain? If it rains, how cool do you plan to be? (haha, "if"). 

J: I want to get naked in the rain.

N: I heard a rumor you are looking to form a single file line of muscle bros outside the DJ booth, how are you planning to please them?:

J: I was hoping they were planning on pleasing me... Don't get me wrong. I am not a selfish lover. I could spend all day and night on the right ass, cock, n' balls. My ideal man-boy?? 5'9"-6'0" weight proportionate, muscled, dark hair, smoldering eyes, smooth to moderately hairy, tattoos, an ass to have dinner on, and a boner that shoots buckets. I'm sorry, too much? We are very open in San Francisco...

N: So D*ckslap's purpose is to push the borders and boundaries of just how much low down dirty 'fun' we are 'legally' allowed to have in Washington. As a thrower of the sexiest raunchy parties in San Francisco (where you can do it RIGHT), what do you think we should do to raise the bar? Keep in mind we don't have as many damn porn stars here.

J: My recipe for a dance party that borderlines a sex party? Turn the lights down as low as they go, turn the music up, add some smoke and lasers, put some hot hung boys in briefs on the bar, and don't stop drinking 'till they take the liquor out of your horny lil hands. Who needs porn stars? All they have that we don't are video cameras. 

N: Will you come dressed like a gym teacher and boss us around?

J: Sounds good to me bro. As long as you all come dressed in gym uniforms and are prepared to hit the showers after my set. 

N: Well so after you lose your PNW (that's Pacific Northwest mind you, not a new Marijuana co-op on Valencia) virginity do you plan on calling us back? Do you even remember my name??

J: I hope we turn into long term fuck buddies that even like to have brunch together in the morning. Next time, my place?


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