Face-Free Mugshots: Arf! at The Eagle (2nd Fridays)

Woof woof, another too hot-for-tv night at The Eagle for ARF this past month, there was so much action flying around at the end of the night you couldn't wiggle through the bar without catching a stray hand or a busy tongue, arouuu.

Arf is a night that sets out to bridge the generation gaps in the kink community, not just for newcomers but for those seeking more enlightenment, from daddy. This leather-laden mixer is sliding into it's NEW DATE now on the 2ND FRIDAYS of the month at The Eagle, come join us this Friday, May 8th, discounts in gear, pups in free.


This month we asked Rachel Robinson to shoot photos without using faces but focusing more on texture and body, let's see what she got.



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