Mugshots: Dickslap! 4.17.15 at The Eagle

Well, you did it, you've gained another BUTTS trophy to put in your curio, because there was no shortage of touching or feeling all the butts of Dickslap this month. Maybe you were transfixed by all the see-through outfits, or mesmerized by Jason Waterfalls fresh tan, either way, we are preeeeettty sure you had a great ass time (get it?), and here's the proof to show it.

BUT WHERE OH WHERE will you get MORE butts? Well, by joining us for the next Arf! on it's new date on the SECOND FRIDAYS of the month at The Eagle (coming up on May 8th), and then for the ultimate touchy feely dance party get your behind down to Kremwerk on the second Saturday (May 9th) for your tenth installment of your favorite queer-powered dance party BOTTOM FORTY.


Without further adieu, photos by Rachel Robinson


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