Mugshots: Andy Butler at The Big Building 3.21.15

 What a fucking fantastic all night dance party we had at The Big Building with Andy Butler, Futurewife, Recess, Eddie Sumlin and our ourselves turning out the tunes, Nick's projections made the space surreal and the energy and vibe in there was to die for. We got to introduce a lot of you to the SoDo rave as well and we hope you are hungry for more, because it's coming for you, and hard.

On Saturday June 27th, we take over the space again, but this time both rooms, with two stages, a bevy of Seattle's finest players and headliner Tim Sweeney (Beats in Space, NYC), this is a Pride Party for EVERYONE, Everybody and Every Body. You can pick up tickets at Jens Atomic Cosmetics on Capitol Hill or at the door, but either way, save that date, because this is going to be our biggest pride party EVER.



Until then, join us next Saturday at Kremwerk for a super Aries birthday installment of Bottom Forty!

Without further adieu, photos by Rachel Robinson


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