Mugshots: Dickslap! 2.20.15 at The Eagle

Holy moly, what a night at The Eagle, y'all looooove you some Dickslap! With miss Jackie Hell roaming the dark corners and James waving his junk up in the air and David Sylvester turning out some endorphin inducing beats how could you not? Thanks for playing house with us y'all, next month is going to be NUTS when Andy Butler (Hercules and Love Affair) joins the mile low club, get IN IT !

Want to relieve your faggotry? Well David uploaded his set for you, how nice!


But here's the problem, that isn't alllll the way until March 20th, where will you shake your queer bubbly booty until then? Well that's where Bottom Forty comes in, the queer powered, dance-centric, multi-media art project and sensory enhancing party brought to you by Nark, Pavone, Riff-Raff, Spaceotter and Hyasynth, 2nd Saturdays at Kremwerk, this month with special guests Brian Lyons (Flammable) and Julia Planetdisco (Kiss Off). 9pm-4am, dance, repeat, repeat repeat, Saturday March 14th.


Without further adieu, photos by Rachel Robinson




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