Mugshots: Insert Coin 1.24.15 at The Eagle

Looky who came for a little visit to Insert Coin this month, an Adore Delano looking fiercely for a match in Mortal Kombat, but looks like she settled for a tongue war with BenDelaCreme instead (AS ONE DOES), but really, how cute was that? The Eagle filled to the brim with sexy mens and ladies that wanted to whip out their joysticks and fight to the finish with each other, did you win at Tekken? Or Mario Kart? Or in getting laid? If not you can always brush up your skills and give it a shot next time on February 28th!



But, until then, why not realize how good you are at dealing with shady queens and their scandalous after parties? Or how good you are at dancing until the wee hours of the morning at Bottom Forty?




Photos by Matt Baume


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