Mugshots: Dickslap 2015 w/ Prosumer! 1.16.15 at The Eagle

Prosumer and Alinka gave us an incredible show in our first Dickslap of 2015! The dancing was relentless, the poppertunities plentiful and butts a plenty. It's going to be a big year for the 'Slap as big announcements start rolling in, but until then mark down the date for our next time together... February 20th we welcome back the Two Dudes in Love (Friends with Benefits Records) from San Francisco for another housey love fest, hosted by Jackie Hell!

Until this, you've got to get your geared up bod out to ARF! this Friday at The Eagle, Seattle's newest favorite night for the experienced gear pig or the new and curious cub, with pups a plenty, and the twirling in full effect thanks to special guest RIZ ROLLINS! (click the poster for more info).


Without further adieu, here are your photos by Rachel Robinson!


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