Mugshots: Cathedral Winter Ball 12.21.14 at Kremwerk

This month Cathedral (Third Sundays at Kremwerk) featured a ball dropping show stopping drag ball (did I say ball twice?) competition and. it. was. totally. worthy. of. a. YASSS. Let the photos proveth the ferocity. But there's some important stuff you need to know, SUPER IMPORTANT STUFF.

Like for example, the next Cathedral is supes important, mostly because we will be there DJ'ing it, but even more incredibly more mostly because it is not only Amoania's birthday but also the celebration weekend of Martin Luther King, see how we just bunched all that together for you? It means peeps have Monday off so they will be wanting to make out with you EXTRA hard.

Here's what that will look sound and smell like and where you can RSVP 


But also there's a crazy amount of fun ass things happening this month, we'll try to keep it brief but you need to know the following, click on the banners to go to the Facebook event page.

This Saturday at Kremwerk-


Next Friday at The Eagle-


January 23rd at Neighbours Nightclub-

And lastly, Insert Coin on it's sexy new date-


OK SORRYYYYY, here's your photos! All shot by RACHEL ROBINSON!



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