Mugshots: Insert Coin 12.06.14 at The Eagle


Before you scan on to your photos, there's some important things you should know... First off, if you haven't been to Insert Coin before there's just one very crucial thing to know... it's a slutty video game party where you get to play hours of Tekken and Mario Kart and more with hot nerds in jockstraps or varying degrees of undress. It's like Christmas morning except your parents aren't around and you're going to get laid (depending on how good you are at Street Fighter that is). 

And there's another really important thing, Insert Coin is moving it's date to the FOURTH SATURDAY of the month, making the next one JANUARY 24TH. That means you get more than a month to brush up your fighting game skills before taking on the many coin-slots of Insert Coin. We're so into this party over here at Nark Mag that we're teaming up with Tork to make sure EVERYBODY GETS A CAR! Or something along those lines. Save the date and see just what we've got in store for the next Insert Coin 1/24, it's sure to please, delight, arouse, confuse and inebriate you!

Until then, join us for our regularly scheduled shenanigans!  


Photos by Rachel Robinson


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