Mugshots: Dickslap SF! 11.29.14 at The SF Eagle

San Francisco does Dickslap like they invented the damn thing, we're STILL exhausted! Phew, thanks to La Fraicheur and Ambrosia Salad for keeping everyone dancing, our lovely and literally dickslapped hosts Vivvyanne ForeverMore! and Grace Towers, our ass jiggling dancer boys and most of all, you, for coming out in the RAIN! 

We can't wait to see you again.... and it's SOON! 

We'll be DJ'ing on New Years Eve at the SF Eagle with Two Dudes in Love for Poppertunity! Bring your favorite for a midnight toast, hosted by Grace Towers. 

And the next regularly scheduled Dickslap is on January 31st, save the date for a night you won't remember.




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