Party Like a Cheap Trick With Good Taste This Weekend

So. This is the summer that never ends. Except, well, if you look outside it looks pretty over (THANK SHESUS), but that means nothing for your dancing feet. This last week of September is our magical festival send off, Decibel Festival, but since that isn't enough there's also like a bajillion really fun non-decibel parties as well. 

Seeing as this is my first year staying at Decibel instead of going to Folsom (oh except that year I worked at that club that shall not be named where Erykah Badu threw me SO much shade), I naturally wanted to do everything ever until my intestines fuse to the outside of my body through osmosis from perpetual dancing. BUT seeing as that is NOT a cute F/W 2015 look, I had to somewhat limit it down. 

So here are my top picks and or the stuff I am involved with, hopefully I will find myself dancing at each and every one, obviously there are about 200 other things that are amazing and happening as well, but these are just what WE hope to make it to!




Nark Magazine is so elated to be presenting a showcase with Decibel Festival again this year, and we are stoked to be butt2butt with Kim Ann Foxman again! This is a guaranteed rager, don't be left out!






I mean, life wouldn't be the same without a sexy romp at the Eagle now would it? So maybe if you get techno'd out you can come here for some bath house sleazy disco and heavy petting? For more information just divert your eyes into any direction, we are kinda advertising it a lot on this site if ya didn't see..



After you spend some time in the Eagle you might wanna spread your wings and fly, or at least your legs (FOR SOME EXTRA ROOM PEOPLE) and mosey yourself down to roll around on the floor in a giant warehouse. The Institution is sure to be pumpin, and if you want more info on this not so secret secret party, go check it out HERE.





The Matrixxman cometh, one beer if by land, two beers if by sea (hint it's by sea). Get your daytime boat booty popping on on this Decibel cruise, featuring Matrixxman, Young Marco and Deadbeat!

--Information and Tickets Here--



Do you think I could exist knowing the green and golden goddess fronted disco savants Midnight Magic are in town without seeing them? AND with all them other ho's on the flyer? No way. Front of line.




Sick and tired of clubs and concert venues and warehouses? Well Seattle has just the thing for you, go get shitty in a crazy ass maze of old train cars thats also a shitty ass Chinese restaurant and karaoke bar but is most CERTAINLY a ridiculously fun amazing wild trip of a time! The Train Car House Party is THE. FUNNEST. PARTY! (Unless you absolutely despise dancing and hate watching other people dance their faces off). Loves of our lives Erin O'Connor-Drew and Karl Kamakahi burn it up alongside Patrick Hernandez, and guess what, it's FREEEEE!


Phew, it's a good thing that are a million hours in a day, because I am REALLY stoked for this double-venue extravaganza. Tin Man is responsible for one of my favorite tracks of all time, where is it... oh here!

And so I owe it to him and myself to be falling down on the dancefloor as well, because by time he goes on I'm sure I'll have no idea where I am anymore but I'm going to LOVE it.

This is a Decibel Party that is oddly -not- a Decibel Party? Aka your wristband won't get you any special status here, so make sure you go buy a ticket!




SUNDAY (did you forget that we were STILL on Saturday?)


Shameless cares about you. They really do. They want you to know that after all that other stuff you did, that your bed, your apartment, your cat or dog needing food, NONE of that matters, because it's 6am and it's time to KEEP. DANCING. Come into the warm embrace of the Shameless bosom, get some breakfast in you, dance it off, repeat. 

More info over on the Shameless website..


Well, you're almost there y'all. Right about the time you can tell how many fingers I'm holding up, it'll be time to get your butt down to Rebar for Seattle's favorite house weekly turned Decibel rager, FLAMMABLE. You know the drill, above is the flyer in case you forgot how to act.





So this really big and amazing and awesome band called um... HERCULES AND LOVE AFFAIR... thought it was real cute to come in on MONDAY after one of our biggest weeks of the year, and you know what is even cuter? The fact that you are going to be there even if you are propped up like a fucking scarecrow on the dancefloor. Wave them straw arms girl. Hercules. Is. Everything.

Opening for them is some unknown trick named... ME, plus Bright Light Bright Light returns his magical scruffy face to us (while on his world tour with Elton John mind you), and Navid Izadi. 

This will be major. This will be sold out. You will not be left out by following this link to TICKETS.




Just kidding. Go back to work and start saving up for next year.


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