Mugshots: Dickslap 5.16 at the Eagle

The Eagle was packed to the rafters that night. Everybody got a cock ring, one lucky guy got a three dick dildo, and another spent most of the night strapped to the wall. It was debaucherous mayhem. It was Dickslap.

Be sure and relive the magic this weekend at Beam Me Up, this Friday 5.30 at the Seattle Eagle, featuring resident DJ Futurewife along with Sounds in Silence (Carlos Ruiz). Or check out our San Francisco edition of Dickslap at the SF Eagle on Saturday 5.31, featuring Two Dudes in Love and everybody’s fave trashy princess, Amoania.


Speaking of debauchery and mayhem, don't forget about Pride and the Nark Magazine Pride Weekend Festival. Individual tickets are available for most events, but a Weekend Pass is the only way to get into all of them with a single purchase!


And now for the photos, from Nark Magazine's Rachel Robinson.

Dickslap 5.16 Pics


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