Mugshots: Shade Photobooth! 5.9.14 The Eagle

Alea Riff-Raff Mahone and Hilt Trollsplinter's natal day celebration brought sweaty sexiness to the Eagle! The cage shook with a rotating cast of go-go dancers and DJ's Jackson and Ill Camino held it down in the DJ booth.

Grab onto your pants (or lack thereof) because Riff-Raff is bringing fantastic vibes to Kremwork with Cathedral (THIS SUNDAY!), and get your looks ready for the next Shade on June 13th, 2014.

Don't forget to join DJ Pavone (Score, Bottom Forty) and Recess (Shameless) for Dickslap, hosted by Terry Miller (Trouble) and his bags of Oxballs sex toy giveaways! Top it off with cageboys Kirk Calvo and Dave Raring, and it's gonna be a night you won't want to forget!

Now pull a wet towel from your freezer, wrap it around your neck and enjoy the burning hot photobooth photos by Rachel Robinson!



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