Mugshots: sex.wav Anniversary at The Mercury 4.03.14

I'm not really sure what is happening here, but I suppose candy colored drag queens rolling in candy needs no explanation. Check out your photos from the sex.wav anniversary party at The Mercury shot by Rachel Robinson below!

Don't forget to check out the horizon while you're at it, this Friday is our Easter edition of Dickslap mania at The Eagle, and it's definitely not too early to be getting your weekend passes for pride this year! Featuring BenDelaCreme, Le1f, Joslyn Fox, New York / Tiffany Pollard, Cakes Da Killa, Riff-Raff, Roy G Biv, Tiffany Roth (Midnight Magic), Trouble, Boy Funk & Rap Girl, Cherry SurBete and all your favorite local party-powerhouses! Proceeds benefit the GENDER JUSTICE LEAGUE and GAY CITY HEALTH PROJECT!

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