Mugshots : Dickslap! 3.21.14 at The Eagle

OH you guys, you keep me so young. OH SPEAKING OF OLD, next week it's my birthday party and you are all invited. It's Saturday the 12th at The Eagle, I'm going to do nothing while drag queens and dj machines run around doing all the work. Come see Amoania and Cuntella VonTease work it out in the cage, Jimi Jaxon and Pavone providing the dancing beats, Christopher Darling will be taking his clothes off and Maxwell Brisben is forcing shots on you. As always on my birthday, I encourage any queen or performer to hop in the cage and perform birthday dances for me as they please, just talk to the DJ about it because I ain't workin!!

Also, until then, because WHAT WILL WE DO THIS FRIDAY?? Well, it's Jack, and we have a seriously KILLER musician coming in to play his stuff for you, DJ Apt One, do not miss this dance party!! Check out Apt One's soundcloud, it's crammed with amazingness!

Oh and here's the thing, April is FULL OF CRAZINESS. For example, Fierce Queen returns early and it's mashed up with Ferocious Memories. Hi Fashion is performing live. This is kinda MAJE. Get your presale tickes HERE

Withot further adieu, Photos by Rachel Robinson




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