Dickslap Video Recap + February Madness

DICKSLAP 1.17.2014 from Steven Didis on Vimeo.

Steven's at it again! Check out this spicy recap of January's Dickslap shenanigans, you look good as always.

Are you ready for the Gay Olympics for the February Dickslap? I don't know what that means, really, but someone has to come out on top right? The very extra special beast from Provincetown, throw of the awesome Fag Bash and traveling fetish party Luther, Mark Louque is coming to grace our presence in the DJ booth. And as if that wasn't good enough, we've also got a super woof-tastic little furball known as Rich Kelly (check out his tumblr, NSFW) to dance around in the cage alongside Baby Bear, I'm kind of sweating just thinking about it. This is gonna be one for the books.

Also, come find me or someone in the know and ask us about CLUB WHY the following night... this is off the books so that's all we will say here.

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