Mugshots: Fierce Queen! 1.24.14 The Eagle

Describing Fierce Queen is going to be tough. Right off the bat it became instant legend, teeth were lost (literally), competition was fierce, the glitter was spread and eleven queens stomped the hell out of that cage, one after another, putting up with Amoania and Urethra Franklin's reads and even one total shut-down! But they prevailed, and miss Cherry SurBete came out on top! She'll be set to help judge the next Fierce Queen in May, and everyone else has a couple months now to get their next look together. It was a truly magical night on the hill, keeping the gay, the fag, the queer, the trans and the friends of all of the above deep down below in the underground, and most of all, keeping it FUN. I simply can't wait to do it again!!!!!!

Until then, come out this Friday and keep the spirit of the discotheque alive by dancing your pants off to the nu-disco delights of FUTUREWIFE! Cassidy Katims will be doing his splits in the cage, Ron is on the jello shots and I'll be backing up Futurewife in the dj booth, let's have some more fun!

Umm, and I almost forgot to mention this amazingness, this coming Tuesday at The Eagle is The Battle of the Seasons Afterparty hosted by season six superstar Ben Delacreme! The Battle of the Seasons party at the Moore features Sharon Needles, Alaska Thunderfuck, Ivy Winters, Willam, Detox, Carmen Carrera, Pandora Boxx and Manila Luzon, and since they have all been a part of a Nark party before (except Pandora) there's a good chance we won't be able to keep any of em away from The Eagle that night, so come down and mingle, the show at the Moore ends by 11pm, Freddy King of Pants will provide the tunes, we'll bring the stank, come out!


Photos by Rachel Robinson


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