Mugshots: Dickslap 3 Year Anniversary w/ Brian Maier! The Eagle 12.20.13

Oh my godddddd, thanks to everyone that made the Dickslap 3 year anniversary maybe the CRAZIEST Dickslap ever!! What a blast, I think, what happened? I can't remember... can you!? Well here's some proof to jog your memory below, can't wait for next month when Jimi Jaxon returns to the Eagle to turn us OUTT with Honey Bucket on the hosting duties for DICKSLAP January on Friday January 17th.  

BUT FIRST, THIS IS IMPORTANT- One of our dearest dearest sweetest friends has been going through a rough battle recently with cancer and we need help from our community. Torazo has been supporting the fag revolutions in Seattle and SF and more for years and it's time we gave back, please please come out this Friday night to The Eagle for a Christmas Comedown affair with DJ Trouble, wear something cozy and get cozy with friends on the dancefloor, and please drop 5 (OR MORE) dollars at the door, all proceeds go straight towards Torazo's medical and living expenses, HELP A BROTHER OUT!! <3 Hope you enjoyed your holidays friends <3


Without further adieu, photos by Rachel Robinson.

OH BUT WAIT, here's an adieu, if you like your recap in motion, check out this AMAZING video of Dickslap by Steven Didis!

DICKSLAP 3 Year Anniversary (12.20.2013) from Steven Didis on Vimeo.


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