Mugshots : SHADE Soft Launch! 11.22.13 at The Eagle

Ok, so... if you were there, I probably don't have to explain this.... but that shit was CRAY. Thank you all for turning it the hell out, crazy shit happens when we team up with Butch Queen and Riff-Raff! This was a "soft launch" (which really was more of a hard rager) for this new monthly event which begins in full force on January 10th (and every 2nd Friday following), so go ahead and change all your work schedules to accommodate your second Saturdays from here on ;).

Tonight let's get Jacked with special (and handsome to boot) queer rapstress/homo/singer delight Rica Shay... ANDDDDD it's the homecoming performance of our beloved... AMOANIA! DO NOT MISS!


Okay okay, without further adieu, your wandering shots by Kevin Kauer, check out the Shade Seattle Facebook page for your photobooth shots!

and photos by Rachel Robinson below!



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