Mugshots : Jack w/ Kim Ann Foxman at The Eagle 11.08.13


Gotdammm, if you were at Jack with Kim Ann Foxman last week you know just how we feel (which is STILL wrecked).... she tore that place up, the dancing was so fun, thanks again to Kim and Riff-Raff! Soak in all the shenanigans below and don't forget this Friday JAKE SHEARS is coming to DICKSLAP! That is bound to get nasty. And the week after is the soft launch of a new queer opulence brigade brought to you by Butch Queen and Riff-Raff, and it's a little SHADY...


Oh and don't forget to RSVP for FEROCIOUS MEMORIES! You're only gonna get three chances a year for this one...



Without further adieu, photos by Rachel Robinson!


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