Mugshots : GENDER BLENDER !!!! 6.28.13 at Neighbours Nightclub

I'm not really sure how to recap or thank everyone for Gender Blender, if you were there you understand- and since there was basically an arena's worth of attendees then you were probably there. What an amazing night and an amazing fundraiser for Gay City! So much blood, so much sweat and so many tears go in to this event each year and it gets so much bigger every year! We LOVED being in Neighbours this year, thank you so much for having us, what a great party space for Gender Blender! Thank you to our amazing sponsors Orbitz Travel, Pearl Vodka,, The Stranger, Seattle Gay Scene and Seattle Gay News. Thank you to our amazing performers Jinkx Monsoon, Alaska Thunderfuck, Honey Mahogany, Mykki Blanco, Amoania, Robbie Turner, Ade, Jackie Hell, Mama Tits, Aleksa Manila, Artstar, Cherry Sur Bete, Olivia LaGarce, Cherry Markos, Kaleena Markos and Minerva Major Markos. Thanks to our awesome DJs for bringing a serious dance party, Roy G Biv, Mister Charming & Hoot n' Howl. And thanks to all our awesome PHOTOGRAPHERS (Rachel Robinson, Keith Johnson and Gabe Ayala) for bringing us this huge pot of treasure!! (Link below)


As a heads up, we're coming back to Neighbours this August for a special full featured show with WILLAM, DETOX and VICKY VOX! 7-10pm at Neighbours, Friday August 8/16 (with official after party at Dickslap at The Eagle). Click here to grab your tickets now!


And now, without further adieu, your Gender Blender Photos! There are just TOO many to fit on one page so FOLLOW THIS LINK to get to the photos (and when you hit the bottom of the page hit NEXT for even MORE photos, then next AGAIN for even MORE MORE photos!)



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