Tonight in Queertastic Dance-Party-Opportunities!

Nights like tonight are what we live for over here at Nark Magazine, a chance for a bunch a' whiskey chugging art queers to party like it's cash in your 401k at Microsoft day and have an affordable, awesome, burlesquey drag-esh whatever who cares dance party somewhere fabulous and typically reserved for "classy" people with "paychecks" and "kids." Well fuck that, let's show em how it's really done. 

Tonight only, brought to you by the genius that is Ben Delacreme, Kitten LaRue and Lou Henry Hoover (aka DeLaRue) is FANCY SCHMANCY. Taking place down in an antique Belgian circus tent known as Teatro Zinzanni, these party savants have a show in store for you that is neither burlesque, nor drag, nor dance, it's just somewhere in between and above it all. The circular room, with a raving disco lightshow and a center stage that just pops right out of the ground whenever it's needed, will be cleared out of all it's tables and swanky hoo-hoo-hoo to make room for a big drunken dance party (beats provided by yours truly), pausing only occasionally to host sissy-bounce and Madonna vogue acts from Seattle's finest, Lou Henry Hoover, Waxie Moon, Ben Delacreme, Kitten LaRue, Cherdonna Shinatra and more. I'll be on the main stage playing whatever the hell I feel like and framed oh so elegantly by costumed tattooed sex bomb go-go's (just the way I like it), and all for $20 (that's about $100 less than the normal ticket price for a Teatro show mind you). 

There's more information here, as if you should need any, and at this point I wouldn't hurry about buying presale tickets (although you may still be able to) but fret not, the price at the door is the same. 

Remember, the path to any good party is by pre-funking with a bottle of vodka on the bus down to the flashiest queerest dance off in town.

And the party just keeps going tomorrow, get yourself down to THIS, the kick off for OVERBOARD SUNDAZE, a new Sunday day weekly cruise for guys, girls, gays and dancers all alike, with FREE brunch from 2-3:30pm when the boat takes off returning by 7pm, just in time to get you to The Cuff for Bottom Forty! Another fancy eleganza way to spend your life for CHEAP ($20 at the door or $10 presale tickets can be found on the event page and in the future on the fan page).


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