Friday the 13th Madness, from disco to death

It's Friday. It's the 13th. There's like a fuck-ton of things going on, and, well, since I haven't really been out in a while AND it's my birthday at midnight, I'm ready to hit them all. Here are our top picks for getting your witchy witch on tonight!


"If Cherdonna falls in a forest and Lou isn't around to hear it, does she make a sound?  Can Lou see the forest or just Cherdonna and some trees?  Who are Cherdonna and Lou after the proverbial party ends?  out out there (A Whole Night Lost), is The Cherdonna and Lou Show's requiem of fears.  They know they are afraid of the same things everyone else is, but nevertheless Cherdonna and Lou can't help but wax poetic in a silent movie with movement subtitles about their most human moments, from existential crisis to monsters under the bed.  Where do our nightmares come from?  What parts of us are built from terror?  Who do we grasp onto to save ourselves?  Cherdonna and Lou are unsure what terrors they have encountered, what they have imagined, abnd what Hollywood has implanted in their brains.  Walking the fine line between tragedy and comedy, this is Cherdonna and Lou when no one is looking."

Cherdonna and Lou's talented, gender-destroying and hilarious methods of art-drag are always amazing and fun, I'll be there for sure! There are two shows, one at 7PM and one at 10PM at the Velocity Dance Center, check out tickets and more information here.

Now we're really talkin'. We've been waiting for this night since we started unwrapping our little TRST present last month in our post Music March, also I get to finally pop my Second Sight cherry, I hear it's an amazing gathering, I just have yet to make it. Tonight at Second Sight, among residents dj's Ozma Otacava, SH6RL6S6 and Rxtch Wxtch, and in collaboration with haus-brand Actual Pain clothing, is a live performance by TRUST. You can check out some tunes here, but don't be left behind and miss out on tonight- it's rare that you get to see a great band live in a small, intimate venue with an awesome crowd as opposed to some huge venue where you are constantly trying to not punch stupid blonde UW girls in the face that just heard about your favorite band yesterday and think they deserve to be in front (YOU KNOW WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT). Second Sight also recently brought Cold Cave to the same space, I wonder who they will have next?

So check it out tonight at ELECTRIC TEA GARDEN (1402 E. Pike Street, above the Artificial Limb Company), $8 cover, 10pm- and on, cash only bar.

Want the good tunes and good drinks and still hold a conversation or not be covered in someone else's sweat? Some of my favorite DJ's (including Kadeejah Streets who is playing Bottom Forty this Sunday as well as teamed up with me and Recess for The Beat Down, opening June 14th at Barboza) are bringing out the greats in slow groove disco, italo and house tunes, all encompassed in the quaint and alluring atmosphere of the small but potent Living Room bar, sitting down at 1355 E. Olive Way. This will be great for a date or for the serious disco enthusiast, and it's free!

BUTCH QUEEN is tonight! Our new favorite little gem of a party. This month flies in just slightly more under the radar, if you didn't get a card or a password well you gotta pay up-- It's at the Cockpit and that's all I'm telling you, you should know what to do. Also feel free to slap me around when you get here because not only will it officially be my birthday but I'll probably be sloppy sweaty and drunk by this point. 

Something great going on that I missed? Feel free to post your events in the comments below!


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