Mugshots: Dickslap Seattle 6 Yr Anniversary at The Eagle, December 2016

Dang, that was a ridiculous six year anniversary we had with the ole' slap, thank you for partying your butts off with us for all this time, that was a special night to remember (wait, can you remember it??). We're looking forward to kicking off 2017 with you in 3 magical ways starting this weekend, wanna know what they are? Well just look below!

FRIDAY NIGHT! The Make Out Party with Kelly Naughton (SF) and Michael Romano (SD)


SUNDAY NIGHT! Bottom Forty Warehouse Party at Secret Location (click image for tix)


And the next Dickslap, next Friday w/ Steve Mizek!


Without further adieu, your photos by Rachel Robinson

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Photobooth: SF Make Out Party Holiday Cards, December 2016 at SF Eagle

In an oddly cold night in the bay, we found one very special way to stay warm together, using extra power tongue heat. Here are your holiday cards from the Make Out Party, set to cozy scenes. Keep sharing the love, keep making out and shamelessly tongueing strangers like your life depends on it! The next Make Out Party is January 21st (3rd Saturdays) with special guest Steve Mizek (Chicago, Argot Records), and until then, THIS FRIDAY we nearly ring OUT this year with a big sloppy Dickslap with all your favorite pals, get into it !


Photos by Cabure / Shot in the City, edited by Rachel Robinson / Nark Magazine



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Photobooth: Seattle Make Out Party Xmas Cards, December 2016 at The Eagle

Is there anything better than making out with a bunch of hot strangers AND getting a xmas card out of it? Don't think so. Good thing we're doing it again in SF tonight too, so, you know, if you're there, come out and show us how it's done. If you were in Seattle then here's your keepsake! Don't forget to join us each 2nd Friday at The Eagle for your favorite face2face party, next month we have special guest Kelly Naughton from SF! 


Photos by Rachel Robinson

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Mugshots: Dickslap Seattle, November 2016 at The Eagle

Seattle's favorite butt-fest (based of factual butt-touching techno-dancing statistics) is 3rd Fridays at The Eagle, and guess what, for SIX years strong now. Come out and celebrate our anniversary with us this month as our aggressive trainers work you tf out, get some holiday cheer all over you. Everyone is welcome to join this party, and we're getting worked out by the one and only Vicki Powell (Atlanta, Deep South)!



Photos by Rachel Robinson

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Please Excuse Us, Technical Difficulties

If you're coming to our page right now to find some good old slutty photos or what not, we're sorry but we're having a few issues, hopefully everything will be up and running like normal ASAP! 

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