Mugshots: sex.wav 11.06.14 at The Mercury Nightlife

Written by Nark

Another down and dirty month at sex.wav, The Mercury is one of Seattle's best kept secrets, but if you know.. you know. Your December photos are going up shortly as well, after you get your fix and your fill why not write down some of these parties in your little black book..



Photos by Rachel Robinson

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Mugshots: Shade at The Eagle, 11.10.14 Nightlife

Written by Nark

Queer magic takes its highest form each month when the Eagle is turned into the Opulent Empire known as SHADE, catch it on 2nd Fridays, in case you need to know more just look at all the pretty prettiness. 

The day after next month, also catch Riff-Raff down at Kremwerk for the next installment of Bottom Forty, with an amazing lineup including Honey Soundsystem's Bezier and KEXP's Sharlese! 12/13/14 at Kremwerk.

All photos by Rachel Robinson.

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Mugshots: Dickslap Halloween! w/ Kenny Brain 10.31.14 at The Eag... Nightlife

Written by Nark

Dickslap Halloween was quite the extravagant night, pretty sure most of us don't really remember it all that well, but turns out everyone was in costume and lookin' fine, and the proof is below! Thanks again for coming out and having a fabulous time with us, why not do it again tonight at Kremwerk for Bottom Forty? You need some more dancing in your life. And as always, join us on the 3rd Fridays at The Eagle for our regularly scheduled Dickslaps! 



Photos by Keith Johnson

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Picking Kenny('s) Brain Feature

Written by Brad Gilligan

From modeling around the world to becoming a famous reality star appearing in the second season of "Big Brother: Canada," Kenny Brain is definitely is an eccentric hairball of a man that seemingly flies by the seat of his form fitting pants. 

Tomorrow, he will be the special guest host at Nark Magazine and The Eagle's monthly night of debauchery, DICKSLAP. I got to catch up with Mr. Brain to chat about his Halloween costume, why he's excited to make his Seattle debut, and the most awkward sexual encounter he's ever had to endure.


BRAD GILLIGAN: In a city filled with beard-lovers, the news of you coming to Seattle has gotten many people excited, to say the least. How familiar are you with the area? 
KENNY BRAIN: I'm not at all really. Part of the reason why I'm so excited to get there. I've heard nothing but great things, plus I'm a sucker for a great beard myself. 


BG: What attracted you the most about hosting DICKSLAP? Have you ever actually been slapped by a dick before?
KB: At first, it was the fact that it was in Seattle. Like I said, I was never around the area before and heard great things, but then when I looked into the history of Dickslap and what it kind of evolved from, I was even more interested. And of course I have. Isn't that a thing?


BG: What's the one thing that Seattle should expect when partying with you?
KB: I've been known to bust a move after a couple of drinks. 

BG: Are you more whiskey or vodka, or something else entirely? 
KB: Whiskey for sure. When shooting, anyways. I'm also a huge gin fan. It's like drinking a forest. 


BG: People can be really weird in bed sometimes. What's the most awkward sexual situation you've ever been in?
KB: Oh, god. I was with this one guy who couldn't get off unless I screamed 'I LOVE YOU!' over and over again in different ways. That was only after a couple of dates. Needless to say the relationship didn't work. 


BG: Is there a certain type of guy you go for? Or, are you open to pretty much anyone who catches your eye?
KB: I like a dark, scruffy, kinda guy. Creative, but manually inclined. Honestly, I find weird things endearing like someone's hearty laugh or a certain mannerism. So, they're isn't really a set mold. 


BG: You once said that you grew your famous beard upon breaking up with your ex-boyfriend, mostly because he hated your facial hair. Is it safe to say that it's here to stay as your signature look, or are you going to crush dreams by shaving it on a whim?
KB: Well, I've always kinda had scruff. Since I was like, 11... or, a shorter beard. I think I went through puberty at the age of nine. But, yeah, after that relationship, I kinda let it get to a whole new level. And I like it? I can't see it going anywhere anytime soon. 


BG: I would assume that your resident gay app is Scruff, but I could be wrong. Do you even have to use them? 
KB: I do use Scruff sometimes, but it never sticks around too long.  I download it. Then delete it. Then download it again because I'm weak. I dont go out much anymore so it's hard to meet people otherwise. Plus I've actually made some great friends in different places solely because of the app.


BG: Let's play Marry / Fuck / Kill --- Frankie Grande, Ozzy Osbourne, and Rob Ford (former mayor of Toronto). 
KB: Haha, oh god. This is tough. I would have to say: fuck Frankie Grande, kill Rob Ford and marry Ozzy Osbourne. But, I think Mr. Ford and Mr. Grande have a good chance of switching positions for fuck/kill. No, I take that back. I would never fuck Rob Ford. Ever. 


BG: I wouldn't dare ruin the surprise of your Halloween costume, but can you give us a hint?
KB: It's hairy. 



Maybe he'll wear his famous white speedo and nothing else? Well, if you want to see Kenny Brain in the flesh, you can catch him and the rest of your friends tomorrow night for DICKSLAP: Halloween at The Eagle... we suggest getting there early!

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Mugshots Rewind: BUMP! 2011 Nightlife

Written by Robert Roth

Nobody does Halloween like Nark Magazine.

Nark has a great history with BUMP!, Gay City's long running, annual Halloween party benefit. In 2011, Nark and Amoania took the stage for an eye-catching performance to Hi-Fashion's "I Am Not Madonna", followed by an booty-shaking DJ set as Superthreat. For 2014, Superthreat returns to the DJ booth at Neighbours for BUMP's 31st year on Thursday, 10/30. It's always a great party, and it benefits a great organization. Gay City is the best place in town to get your unmentionables checked out before you start whipping them around the dance floor, after all.

Joining the daring duo is an amazing lineup of talent, including BenDeLaCreme (remember that she-wolf costume she wore last year?), Lady Bunny, Jimi Jaxon, and the witchy-witchy Markos Sisters. Put a little thought into your Halloween look and it might even win you a cool grand. For real.

Tickets for BUMP start at $30, but they go up at the door so get them in advance here.

Check out the pics from BUMP! 2011 from our very own Rachel Robinson.

The party doesn't stop with BUMP. On Friday 10.31 you'll need to get yourself down to the dirty bird for Dickslap Halloween Edition featuring none other than amateur undies model Kenny Brain from Big Brother Canada in all his bearded glory, along with Berlin-based DJ sensation La Fraicheur!

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Mugshots: Dickslap! w/ Dan & Terry 10.17.14 at The Eagle Nightlife

Written by Nark

The hits just keep on comin' week after week at The Eagle. Last Friday was one of our rowdiest slapping of the dicks ever! Dan Savage and Terry Miller had mens chained up to walls and tables and in cages, there was a line down the street of super cute people, Ozma and Brian tore it up and down again and the cage was furrier than ever. GOOD THING WE GET TO DO IT AGAIN on Halloween with monsieur KENNY BRAIN! Better get there early lads!

Join us tonight as well for our fall edition of FIERCE QUEEN, which queens are we gonna send packin?  



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Mugshots & Photobooth: Shade! 10.10.14 @ The Eagle Nightlife

Written by Nark

Shade you crazy. Sweaty. Squishy. And Crazy. I want to be your friend all the time, can we? Can we have benefits? Yes? I can photograph you over and over? Oh great, excellent. See you every 2nd Friday then I guess. 

Until our next rendezvous, why not come and look amazing at this stuff?

Roaming photos by Kevin Kauer / Nark -- Photobooth by Rachel Robinson 



Photobooth Below!


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Mugshots: sex.wav at The Mercury 10.02.14 Nightlife

Written by Nark


Your photos from this month's sex.wav have arrived, and you look so. damn. foine. Keep it up, and come look fine at these good lookin parties coming up, ok?


DO YOU WANNA BE THE NEXT FIERCE QUEEN? SIGN UP NOW TO PERFORM NEXT WEEK! Perform, get judged mercilessly, and win CASH! Sign up to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. !!

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Mugshots: Insert Coin! 10.04.14 at The Eagle Nightlife

Written by Nark

BUTTS. VIDEO GAMES. BUTTS. MARIO KART. BUTTS. There is nothing left to be said. Insert Coin is the sexiest place to be a deviant nerd. First Saturdays of the month at The Eagle!

Like this? Join us for some more BUTTS this Friday for DICKSLAP with Dan Savage and Terry! And Brian Maier. And Blaine. And Kyle. And Ozma. And YOU.



Photos by Rachel Robinson

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Mugshots: Arf! Opening Night at The Eagle 9.26.14 Nightlife

Written by Nark

Arf! The new party last Fridays at The Eagle, opened up wide to Seattle's sexy kink, fetish, leather and critter community, and what a warm welcome it was. It was a thing of beauty, and whip cracks. Our cat(ty) hostess Zak The Barber and Pup Kai kept the heat on, and Tyler Rush in the cage was a piece of art. Thanks again to Rod / Bright Light Bright Light for cranking out the tunes! And big thanks to Rachel Robinson for capturing Arf! in such a gorgeous and gritty way.

Arf! will return on November 28th instead of next month, because of Halloween, but next month join us on 10/31 for a Halloween Dickslap! with special guest host Kenny Brain.

Until then, get your body ready for Bottom Forty next Saturday, RSVP to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for a free tote bag on entry.

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Nark Recommends: Cherdonna Shinatra in Worth My Salt Culture

Written by Robert Roth

Jody Kuehner, formerly part the Cherdonna and Lou show, has set out and her own and will soon be bringing us her first evening-length Cherdonna Shinatra show, Worth My Salt, starting Oct 17 at Velocity Dance Center.

Described as a mash up of Carl Sagan’s Cosmos and some serious female icons, including Kate Bush, Diane Keaton, and Marie Antoinette, the show will be looking at “the timely theme of gender inequity through the lens of an existential crisis.” It promises to be a visual spectacle, of course. Cherdonna’s outrageously poofy hair, relentlessly delightful personality, and obvious sense of childlike wonder will be paired costumes by Mark Mitchell and visuals by Salt Horse’s Corrie Befort.

“Enormity—it’s so insane, that we can just go about our day, like, whatever, space goes on forever; let’s get a coffee,” Kuehner was recently quoted as saying. “That kind of juxtaposition is hard for me. To not want to run around the world screaming my head off.”

It’s always an exciting time, watching Cherdonna teeter around stage, seemingly always about to collapse in a tangle of gangly limbs and enormous hair. Keuhner clearly has the dance chops to make such complicated choreography look effortless and amazing. Drag has always been an effective medium to talk about social justice, and so it seems natural that she takes the character beyond her cabaret roots into the realm of performance art.

The Cherdonna Show: Worth My Salt
Velocity Founders Theater // 1621 12th Ave
10/17–19, 10/24–26 // 8pm
TICKETS $20 / $25 at the door / $15 student + senior

You can also help fund this show by making a donation online here

You can also catch Keuhner, along with designer Mark Mitchell, at the upcoming Speakeasy series event The Art of Politics + The Politics of Queer Art Part 2 this coming Sunday, 10/5, at Velocity Dance Studio. There they will share their work, discussing the queer politics of art-making, in an interactive conversation over cocktails + canapés.


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Mugshots: sex.wav at The Mercury! 9.04.14 Nightlife

Written by Nark

Peruse below to check out the photos from this months sex.wav at The Mercury! Photos by Rachel Robinson

Don't forget to get your dance on with us tonight at Neumos for HERCULES AND LOVE AFFAIR!


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