Mugshots: Kylie Minogue's Acid Playhouse 4/20 at Chop Suey

Did you go to Kylie Minogue's Acid Playhouse? Was it the weirdest shit ever? Did you think Kylie Minogue was gonna perform? Either way we are so happy you were there, it was a lot of hard werque and it looked really fukkin' cool, so check out some memories of that below!

But ALSOOOO LIKEEEEE do you realize pride is ONE MONTH AWAY!? You know how big and legit our Alternative Pride Weekend is so you better start grabbing tickets now!! The boat party is already sold out! Currently live are the weekend passes, Fierce Queen w/ AJA, Backdoor Seattle edition, more coming soon!!



Photos by Keith Johnson

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Photobooth: SF Make Out Party, April 2018 at SF Eagle

You know we love a green screen queen xD Thanks SF for spending your 4/20 with us because making out with stoned people is the best and you know it. We're excited to be back with you again this Friday night at SF Eagle for the May edition of the Make Out Party, get kissy in the photobooth for a free jello shot and a new "friend" =D Special guests Trevor Sigler, Major, Kelly Lovemonster, RamSlam and Joey Crafty Dough with Abominatrixx at the door!


Photos by Daddy Queen, Edited by Roman Robinson


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Photobooth: Seattle Make Out Party, April 2018 at The Eagle

Remember my birthday party? I mean I kind of do, but luckily these photos are here to remind me that y'all are real cute and fun, thanks for coming out to play and hey, why not celebrate again? This Friday at the Eagle its the 3 year anniversary of the party that made everyone into an open relationship! yayyy! Extra special guests Sappho of Bottom Forty, TWO gogo boys including fresh meat Xavier, and three sassy hosts Dolce Vida, Sativa and Hera! GET TO IT!! 


Photos by Roman Robinson

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Photobooth: Seattle Make Out Party, March 2018 at Seattle Eagle

Thanks to Keith Johnson for stepping in for our favorite monthly party here in Seattle, the Make Out Party, because we get to kiss cuties all night, duh! If you haven't been well check it out why don't ya? And this next Friday, the 13th, it's Nark's BIRTHDAY sooooooo bring the heat gur.



Photos by Keith Johnson, edited by Roman Robinson

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Photobooth: SF Make Out Party, March 2018 at SF Eagle

It's been a bit of a cold winter in SF, I guess mostly because your parties are outside, unlike in Seattle where we huddle inside for warmth. The good thing is no matter what the weather is you can always stay warm at the Make Out Party by using someone else's face as a heater, or butt really, and these photos prove it.

Join us this month on FOUR TWENTY for the next Make Out Party! 4/20 at SF Eagle



Photos by Roman Robinson of Nark Magazine

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Photobooth: Seattle Make Out Party, February 2018 at The Eagle

Photos by Keith Johnson, edited by Roman Robinson

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Photobooth: SF Make Out Party, February 2018 at SF Eagle

Thanks for coming out to play with us SF, did you know you'd be under the sea? Who ever does though. Well hey, we wanted to let you know first that we are moving the date of the Make Out Party just a smidge, from Saturday to Friday (that's every 3rd Friday). We used to have Dickslap back home in Seattle that date but now that it's gone we want to be more accommodating to your SF weekend, so we think Friday is a good fit! Just remember, on (3rd) Fridays, we Make Out.

Come join us this coming Friday the 16th for the next edition of your jello-fueled Make Out Party! 




Photos by Cabure / Shot in the City & Edited by Roman Robinson of Nark Magazine


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The Chicago Make Out Party Photos Part Two at Jackhammer, February 2018

There were so many photos from this cute ass party that we had to break it up into two posts, below are the rest of the photos! Enjoy! Don't forget to check out Bottom Forty with Alison Swing and Michael Serafini, Saturday 3/31 at Jackhammer, click on the poster for tickets!



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Photobooth Part 1: The Chicago Make Out Party, February 2018 at at Jackhammer


If there's one thing Chicago seems to know how to do it's how to stay warm as hell during winter, and that's with a lot of babetastic making out, you can't let snow stop you from all of this can you !? We really like this thing we're doing with you Chicago, I think we want to make it official, but don't worry, you can still see and make out with other people, we're very VERY open. 

Check out your set of Make Out Party photos by Roman Robinson below, this archive is enough to impress all of your family on your achievements of polyamory and jello shots! 

But before you do that, take a moment to check this out... We'll be returning to you soon in a special way... on the 31st of March come out to Jackhammer for a special party... BOTTOM FORTY. Bottom Forty is a queer-powered record label, DJ collective, mix series and long-running party for radical inclusivity under the tutelage of the best DJs our scene has to offer world-wide, there is more info TBA but our extra special guest and recently named resident of the awesome club Renate ALISON SWING from Berlin will be coming in from across the Atlantic to throw down for you. Bottom Forty is for everyone, everybody and every body, communities are bonded over dance and this is our safe space to to close our eyes and dance all night and touch souls or butts or ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ . 

Click on this poster below to snag a ticket now <3 

Without further adieu, your photos by Roman Robinson of Nark Magazine






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Photobooth: SF Make Out Party, January 2018 at SF Eagle

Surprisingly enough for San Francisco, at the last Make Out Party, it was cold AF outside y'all. That's why we decided to let you know you were actually making out in hot tropical lava-laden Hawaii as your backdrop, and you didn't even know it! 

The next Make Out Party in SF is coming up on Saturday the 17th of this month, AND THEN after that WE MOVE TO THIRD FRIDAYS STARTING IN MARCH! No more worry about not making it to all them crazy Saturday parties, you can start your weekend off right, like a total ethical slut! 



Photos by Shot in the City / Edited by Roman Robinson