Where to get your RuPaul's Drag Race Season 9 Fix in Seattle

There's no fighting it, it's year nine (or in most people's minds, year 5, what happened before Season 4 anyways?), and we're craving this years season of gay sports mania aka RuPaul's Drag Race. Every year, 14 (or something, I didn't count) new homo-lebrities are born, some to be trolled, some to be loved, some to be remembered forever or those only remembered as sashayed-awayed-crap what WAS her name? Oh well.

It's no surprise that since Jinkx started hosting a viewing party during her season that drag-mania has taken over Seattle, and now there's all these places to watch and cheer on your favorite drama-queens, but have you ever noticed how at many bars, Drag Race is playing SO insanely loudly, yet you still can't tell what the fuck anyone is saying over all the drunk chatter? Well, we think we might be able to fix that for you, so we're recommending a couple places to check out viewing parties this year. Many usual culprits will be showing the show (it's on Friday nights at 9pm now, on VH1 nonetheless, which is moderately disrupting to gay nightlife everywhere, thanks Ru), so if you want the 'probably can't hear super well but I'm still having a wonderful dive bar time w/ dudes and strong drinks vibe', check out Mad Pub or Diesel, CC's (note- CC's will be showing the encore showings that air on Logo the next week, not the night of). I don't think Eagle or Pony will be showing because who can afford cable, amirite? 

But if you want the full experiahnce dahling, we recommend these places below!

So, you're here on Nark Magazine, which means you kind of probably know us, and you know we like our drag weirdos, we like em all clowney and stoned and slathered in glitter, and our favorite little hippie-speedball Americano is certainly not out to disappoint you with her new viewing party this year, with a wonderfully curated lineup of creatures like Stacey Starstruck, Betty Wetter, The Markos Sisters and more, Americano is giving you full viewing pleasure at Little Maria's Pizza Palace (palace isn't in the actual name, but it seems fitting). They have an uncountable number of size-queen worthy giant TV's (mathematicians are still figuring out how many), booze, drag critters, seats, weekly drag shows, interviews, dumbness, hill-proximity, and most of all... unlimited PIZZA. Oh, and it's totally free, and part of the Kremwerk/Timbre room complex which means you can go basically handstand/cartwheel your way into a techno basement rave right after (of which we also see a Bottom Forty shindig happening there this Saturday night, info here...). Easy peasy!

Little Maria's Pizza
1809 Minor Ave

But wait, I know what you are saying, you live downtown and Denny Triangle is like 2 blocks too far away, so what is there for you? Well, if you're in the Belltown/Downtown area you can scoot your cute behinds over to the Rendezvous to check out one of Seattle's drag-warrior-princesses Fraya Love for her viewing party! Her party starts at 5pm, so I think there's going to be copious amounts of happy hour booze and food, and no, showing up this early doesn't meant you get to watch a drag-pro tuck her dick away, I think it means they are going to be showing the east coast time showing of Drag Race, which means you can literally STEP into the FUTURE and know the outcome of each episode FIRST (and then text your friends at the other viewing parties and spoil tf out of it for them). This drag queen time machine will set you back $5, that's cheap time-travel! Though the machine is already paid for so I assume this cover will go to cover the costs of being a drag queen aka makeup, glitter, dresses, ankle-surgery and duct tape.

The Rendezvous
2322 2nd Ave
5pm, $5 

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Mugshots: Bottom Forty w/ Horse Meat Disco, March 2017 at Kremwerk

We had a blast scoping the scene at Bottom Forty's Horse Meat Disco mania at Kremwerk / Timbre Room this month, look at all you babes, always representing Seattle proper <3 BUT HEY! There's MORE to be had! Get your fine behinds back to KREMWERK THIS SATURDAY for a special one-off as Bottom Forty teams up with Shameless and Innerflight to present Ivan Smagghe (Paris, It's a Fine Line) and P-a-r-a-m-i-d-a (Berlin, Love on the Rocks). Snag a presale ticket here! 


Get Tickets

Photos by Rachel Robinson

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Mugshots: Dickslap at The Seattle Eagle, February 2017

Oh Dickslap, what can we say that hasn't been said before.... shmoodoopity dop? Yeah, we probably haven't gotten that one before. Thanks for turning up for another month of scandalous good times at The Eagle, if you look at these pics you'd think it was the middle of summer with all these sweaty skank-tankin mo's but y'all just know how to keep yourselves warm in the winter is all. Speaking of, this is basically the last month we have to deal with all of that, so let's make some more heat THIS FRIDAY with special guest VICKI POWELL!




Photos by Rachel Robinson

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Photobooth: SF Make Out Party, February 2017 at SF Eagle

We all know SF is the mecca for west coast babeville-homosexuality, so there's nothing better really than having a monthly Make Out Party there, because... REASONS! Join us on third Saturdays every month at the SF Eagle (if you don't wanna do the math, that's thisssss weekend 3.18)!

See you Saturday for more connecting more faces, plus we got the special special guest, everyones favorite deep south babe VICKI POWELL from Atlanta!



Photos by Fabian FBFE and edited by Rachel Robinson 

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Photobooth: Seattle Make Out Party, February 2017 at The Eagle

You know, every year around Valentines day I get kinda down, and frustrated, there's all this forced commercial lovin' and white picket fence pushin in the air and it seems to drag a lot of us down, so how does one cope with that really? Well, it's easy, you go to the Make Out Party and kiss everyone you ever wanted to and more. DUH.

Check out your photos with our babesville host Viktor Belmont below, and don't forget to pop out and see us again THIS FRIDAY in Seattle at the Eagle for the Make Out Party with Kadeejah Streets! Plus next Saturday the 18th in San Francisco at the SF Eagle.



Photos by Rachel Robinson

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Photobooth: SF Make Out Party, January 2017 at SF Eagle

What can I say that I haven't said many times before? The best part of San Francisco is making out with all the babes, it's for this reason we cut out the middle man (shyness, ice breaking) and get you straight to the point. Come out third Saturdays at the SF Eagle and make out with cuties for free jello shots (cuties of your choosing, consent is sexy!). This party is for everybody and every body, jello don't discriminate! 

Join us THIS SATURDAY for the next edition with Mark O'Brien, Trevor Sigler, Kelly Lovemonster, Joey Crafty Dough, Nark and special guest host Viktor Belmont at the SF EAGLE!


Photos by Shot in the City / Edited by Rachel Robinson

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