It's a Hi Fashion World Music

Written by Robert Roth

Photo by Rachel Robinson/Nark Magazine

I was first introduced to Hi Fashion via a drag queen lip synching to their song “I am not Madonna” on stage at Seattle’s downtown Showbox Theater. I was immediately in love.

It was but half a year later that I had the pleasure of meeting the daring duo backstage at Neumos, another venerable Seattle music hall, where they were performing for Nark’s annual Pride event, now known as Gender Blender. I was happy to discover that, much like their music, the pair are absolutely delightful.

The two have such a great “cute meet” story. The attempted pick up in the smoky, seedy NY bar. Reconnecting again in Los Angeles. The fact that Jen said no when Rick first asked to work with one another, but ultimately ending up putting out fabulous, gorgeous music together. Seriously, cast it with Mark Ruffalo and Kate Hudson and it could be the next great chick flick rom-com.

In an era of continued homogenization of musical acts and pop culture, the queer music scene remains resolutely defiant of the need to become more mainstream. As queer artists, Hi Fashion leads the way. They produce music that is at once artsy and no-nonsense. They provide performance experiences that transcend the normal concert, incorporating elements of art, dance, and even fashion shows. They leave a blazing trail for other queer artists to follow, one that demonstrates that it’s still possible to find success through a lot of hard work and determination.

I've had the chance to see them twice since that first time, which makes them close friends in my book. I was curious, then, just what it is that makes friends Hi Fashion tick.

NARK MAGAZINE: What’s your chemistry like now, and how has it evolved in the years since you started working together? How does your friendship influence your relationship as bandmates, and vice versa?

RICK: I feel forever grateful that I’m working with someone so adult with all of this. I think we have come to know each other's quirks in this time ,and know each other's vulnerabilities, and it allows us to be more compassionate toward each other and less projective. Obviously we have had a lot of combined therapy and the band feels like another layer of it. We are so METALLICA like that. And then honestly, I just love this woman more all the time. Like we talk 100 times a day because of band business. But we also do have a CAN I HAVE A 5 MINUTE FRIEND TIME clause in it that we both take advantage of all the time and then we just want to kiki, and eat pie, and giggle for like an hour.

JEN: I concur with Rick. We are really turning into a well-oiled machine of a duo. We really pick up where the other one leaves off, we know our strengths and we encourage each other and support each other to work through our fears. There's no way I could do this without Rick. I feel so incredibly grateful to work with him as my business partner, and to also be able to call him one of my closest friends. I don't take this for granted for one second. And we really have matured together and within this project. It's inspiring.

NM: Mark and Kate, eat your hearts out! The past few years have seen a strong growth in the popularity, and number, of queer musical acts. Do you see yourselves as leaders or role models in the queer music community?

RICK: I think we are trying to be good artists, and are happy and proud to be honest about who we are. And if that does some good in the world that's amazing. I am happy to stand up for being myself, and accepting and loving of other people and their differences. I like imagining that if you have goals in the world, there are ways to attain them no matter who you are or where you come from. So, I think if we are spreading that in any way, then I'm good.


Everyone wants equality, to be loved, to be accepted, to be taken seriously no matter what your color, race, beliefs, or gender identification or sexual preference."

NM: How do you relate to other queer artists?

RICK: I always feel like I want a kinship with them! It's the hippy California part of me that collides with the New York fierce part that's like BITCH WE ARE SISTERS we are doing this TOGETHER.

JEN: I know I always feel like “'Why can't we constantly do queer music festivals together?” We are often looking for ways to bring the community closer together, collaborate on projects, videos, and live shows. We want to contribute to the growing queer artist community when we can. It feels crucial, and it's starting to really boom in LA.

NM: You guys grew up in the 80’s and 90’s. The experience of being an LGBTQ identified person now has changed a great deal since then, with everything from increased visibility and public acceptance, to an ever increasing number of legal rights. As queer individuals, how have your worldviews changed?

RICK: I was actively OUT in school, and always felt there was a strange disconnect that I hated, between groups that were all fighting for the same thing. I find that the world is catching up with my attitude about this and it is a RELIEF. Everyone wants equality, to be loved, to be accepted, to be taken seriously no matter what your color, race, beliefs, or gender identification or sexual preference. And now I am now so fascinated and excited by the world of gender which still feels like the frontier land in this dialogue. I never imagined it when I was younger, and I am so happy we are talking about it in new ways now.

JEN: I am so incredibly impressed with the reality that so many more people can proudly and fearlessly come out in an authentic way. It's beautifully empowering for our community. I was always a bit of a rebel when I was younger but when it came to my sexuality and how I expressed myself I was a bit of a closet case due to very conservative religious beliefs that I learned at school, not home. That all shifted through high school and college, and fortunately I have the most supportive parents who didn't skip a beat when I tried to break the DEVASTATING NEWS that I might be dating a woman before I could even vote! And hurrah for marriage equality. No one should have to fight to get married if that is their dream and desire to do so.

NM: So what do you feel are the biggest challenges facing the queer community today?

RICK: I kinda think the same challenge that has always faced it, that shows its face in different ways through the generations, and that is the struggle of PAIN, SELF LOVE, and ACCEPTANCE. I think it is pain that keeps people separated and afraid and defended against each other. Looking at, processing, working with, accepting, and transforming from that pain is the challenge I would say.

JEN: There's still a ton of discrimination, shaming, bullying, and violence happening towards and within the LGBTQ community. Internalized phobias can really bring a community down if given enough power.

NM: Given those things, then, what advice would you offer to the young artist struggling to make it in the queer music industry today?

RICK: I would say that it is important to recognize that your actions have consequences. What you say is important no matter what it is, so treat yourself with dignity and integrity and the world will treat you that way. This is a very grabby culture we are in, that is full of ego and desire, and it can seem like the most self-centered people win sometimes. Ultimately, I think making things and being a person that you are proud of is really the ultimate satisfaction. It touches other people and it changes the world. If you think in those terms, you will always succeed where it really matters.

JEN: Keep being true to your art, and know your mission. Take the big scary leaps despite the fear you feel. Your voice is extremely important and necessary.

NM: That’s why I love you guys. Your music has been turning up in some fabulous places lately, from the promos for the current season of RuPaul’s Drag Race to the soundtrack of the recent indie film G.B.F. Can we look forward to seeing more collaborations with TV, film, and other visual artists from you?

RICK: ALWAYS. We love to collaborate, and want to do it with as many people in as many platforms as possible. We both have insanely diversified interests and want to make everything, so if anyone wants to start a damn macrame class we will probably both show up with twine and ideas.

NM: Or shoot your next video there. You’ve been releasing your singles and EPs independently so far. Any hopes to sign with a major label?

RICK: I would love to sign with a label if only to have more people working toward the goals, so I am into ALL OF IT. Minor, major, indie, some dude making cassettes in his living room, sign me up.


I also love finding ways to bring any given community together, so I'm never more happy than when we have 20 dancers onstage because it feels like a big family to me!"

NM: Any future music in the works? Any plans for an LP?

RICK: We have a TON of new things in the works and are experimenting with new sounds and its all super exciting to us. I would love to make an LP but, at the moment, I feel like music gets so tired so fast we have been more productive making EPs and singles and getting them out as fast as we can. We just want to keep the momentum going, and release as often as possible. Making less and releasing more has helped us do that. But an LP will happen eventually for sure.

JEN: Also, we are exploring a more dance-y sound and dance music seems to be successfully released as single, so there's less pressure to produce an entire LP.

NM: Just as long as you keep making more music! But, you’re both so much more than musicians, of course. Your performances and your videos totally reflect that, too, from the fabulous fashion to the avant garde choreography. What sort of projects do you work on when you’re not making music together?

RICK: This whole project is so multi faceted I feel like I get to do everything I like to do and it all works for the band. So most of my creativity goes into it in the ways you said, clothing, music, video, dance, movement, hair, makeup, and photography, we are both really committed to doing more avant garde work though. things that feel more like performance pieces and installations and we are trying to find the time to make those ideas happen too.

JEN: Yeah, this is a culmination for me as well of all the things I love to do. And we get to have creative control when we do it. This project has been really empowering in that way for both of us. I also love finding ways to bring any given community together, so I'm never more happy than when we have 20 dancers onstage because it feels like a big family to me! In my free time I'm usually trying to cook dinners for about 20 people so it all feels aligned.

NM: What other projects, musical or otherwise, does the future hold for you guys?

RICK: New music and videos and collaborations with people for sure. We just did a collaboration with In Flagranti which we are totally excited about and also losing our minds over a song we are doing with JD Samson at the moment. So we are really kind of opening our process up to include new and other people at the moment. We also want to do a special full experience night with other artists in LA and we have been trying to come up with interesting places and people to work with on that that would include more dance, movement, soundscape, set, and installation so stay tuned for that.

NM: You guys are doing a song with JD Samson? That's awesome. I met you and JD at the same event! Talk about the circle of life!

JEN: We are! We are meeting with JD in about 2 weeks in NYC to record! We love JD. Small world is right!

NM: That’s so cool. You’ll be performing in Seattle on 4/25. Any other performances or projects you want to plug?

RICK: We are ecstatic to be opening for Big Freedia on May 9th at the Echoplex in LA. Thats gonna be insane. And then it looks like we will have a busy Gay Pride Season this year. Just trying to work it all out at the moment but we LOVE A PRIDE. We have been so lucky to be invited to so many. It’s like you get to go to the best day of the year every weekend somewhere else.

JEN: And there's rumor of a mini Euro/UK tour.

Stay tuned for that as well! Hi Fashion returns to the Seattle stage on Friday, 4.25 as part of Ferocious Memories vs Fierce Queen. They’re the perfect performers to stand up to a gaggle of fierce queens clawing it out on stage for a cash prize, so you betta not miss it. Tickets for Ferocious Memories vs Fierce Queen are available for a mere $16 at Advance ticket buyers will receive a discount code good for a reduced price Nark Pride Festival Weekend Pass, too!



Friday 4.25 // 8pm - Close // Neighbours Nightclub // $16 Adv Tickets

Nark’s FEROCIOUS MEMORIES returns to Neighbours this April, and it’s bringing along a few drunken drag queen friends for a special edition of FIERCE QUEEN, a drag competition for fresh queens. The wigs go on and the claws come out as some of Seattle’s freshest and craziest new queens compete for cash and prizes, all judged by Amoania, Urethra Franklin, and current FIERCE QUEEN Champion Cherry Sur Bete.

SPECIAL GUEST Hi Fashion performs live on stage!

ON THE TUNES Futurewife (PYT Records) and Nark // GOGOS Rick Kelly ( and Christopher Darling // PORTRAITS by Michael Horwitz


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Looking for Fierce Queens and Ferocious Memories? Nightlife

Written by Nark

Ferocious Memories vs. Fierce Queen featuring Hi Fashion // Friday 4.25.14 from Nark Magazine on Vimeo.

It's here, the official preview for our next installment of Ferocious Memories AND Fierce Queen wrapped into one half-naked package. Featuring VivvyAnne Forevermore and Kelly Lovemonster, written and directed by Dirty Glitter productions in San Francisco. Learn more about this party below...

Now's the time to pick up your presale tickets because we'll email you a special discount code for our Nark Magazine Pride Festival weekend passes! 

FEROCIOUS MEMORIES, the party to remember, not to forget... and FIERCE QUEEN, the live-reading lip-synching cunty competition drag show for Seattle's new and up and coming queens... are joining forces on FRIDAY APRIL 25TH at NEIGHBOURS NIGHTCLUB w/ Hi Fashion (LAX) performing LIVE! More info below.

Check out video from our first Fierce Queen competition here...




Ferocious Memories! It's like prom, except you're legally drunk and hopefully not pregnant! Nark Magazine presents the party to remember, not to forget, featuring an all star cast of kings and queens and music machines.

Dancing Tunes provided by:

*Futurewife ( PYT Records, Beam Me Up)


*NARK (Nark Magazine, Dickslap)


*Hi Fashion !!!!! 
Coming in from LA, Jen and Rick and their sexy as hell dancer crew, known as Hi Fashion, are coming to show you how it's DONE.. for the first time at a Nark Magazine event since Pride 2012. Sprechen Sie Hi Fashion?

Check out

Special guest gogo dancers....
*Baby Bear, Christopher Darling & Rich Kelly! (@richkellyxxx Soak in all the sites!



This is more than just a potential memory, it's also a competition, to name Seattle's next (and 2nd) FIERCE QUEEN. Back in January we brought out all the new and up and coming queens to battle it out in the Eagle cage.. tears were shed, TEETH were lost, glitter was strewn about and basic bitches were shut down, but one queen came out on top, miss Cherry Sur Bête! And she'll be returning to help us crown the next FIERCE QUEEN, this time on a bigger stage at Neighbours Seattle.

The winner of April's FIERCE QUEEN will receive a sickening supply of cash and street cred and several, maybe even TENS of adoring fans, not to mention the official Fierce Queen CROWN, you better get the crowd on your side if you want to take home that monay honay!

But to do so you'll have to survive the reading of a lifetime with your cunty drunk judges Amo A Nia, Urethra Franklin and Cherry Sur Bete reading you to filth, don't take it personal if you want to come out on top!

This time queens will be put through a challenge or two AND the top queens will have to win a fierce lip-synch challenge if they wanna take home the crown!



* Cucci Binaca (Tyler Lane)

* Cun Tella VonTease ( Ron Frank)

* Autumn Equinox-Weinstein

* Siren Hung Majesty (Haily Hummel)

* Neu Ro Ses

* DieAna Dae

* Lady Poison ( TW D'Abney )

* Hellen Tragedy ( Tyler P. Reedus )

+ we will accept ONE queen from the crowd that wants to compete, come ready (BRING A CD)


(BE IN THE KNOW: Keep track of future Fierce Queen early signup calls by following )

*Fierce Queen is about keeping drag FUN and for scoping out the next big thing to come out of Seattle (cuz hey, we tend to provide a lotta big queens, dontchya think?). It is also about bringing the fun back to drag and to the contest by involving the audience, no longer do you have to just stand there sipping your vodka soda while some queens punches and kicks to the sounds of every pop song you've ever heard... now its up to you to show the judges who you really love! We know talent hides under more than just one pair of fake lashes out there and we can't wait to see it!

Also.. Get your live portraits drawn by Michael Horwitz !





9PM Doors!

11PM Competition!

After the Competition: HI FASHION


$16 ADV TIX :

Sponsored by Seattle Event Printing

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Mugshots: sex.wav Anniversary at The Mercury 4.03.14 Nightlife

Written by Nark

I'm not really sure what is happening here, but I suppose candy colored drag queens rolling in candy needs no explanation. Check out your photos from the sex.wav anniversary party at The Mercury shot by Rachel Robinson below!

Don't forget to check out the horizon while you're at it, this Friday is our Easter edition of Dickslap mania at The Eagle, and it's definitely not too early to be getting your weekend passes for pride this year! Featuring BenDelaCreme, Le1f, Joslyn Fox, New York / Tiffany Pollard, Cakes Da Killa, Riff-Raff, Roy G Biv, Tiffany Roth (Midnight Magic), Trouble, Boy Funk & Rap Girl, Cherry SurBete and all your favorite local party-powerhouses! Proceeds benefit the GENDER JUSTICE LEAGUE and GAY CITY HEALTH PROJECT!

 ---------> --- GET TIXX HERE --- <---------





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Gender Blender 2014 Announced! Feature

Written by Nark

THURS 6.26 - SATURDAY 6.28





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Jagermeister CAPHILL Is Now Truly A Legendary Dick Narked

Written by Nark

Recently, Capitol Hill dwellers went to "torch and pitchfork" over this new ad sitting up on 12th street (no one cared when it was a mural for Portland, because it was advising people to go elsewhere!), and rightly so. Guess what: people get pissed when you appropriate their culture and, for us, Capitol Hill is our own culture hub, and it is being snatched from us quickly. 

BUT THERE'S A BIGGER PROBLEM HERE PEOPLE. At the sight of this ad, weekend crowds, condos, and all the other things that symbolize "gentrification" in the way we hate it the most, the local friends and neighbors of Capitol Hill and surrounding areas are instantly throwing in the towel and saying "WELP THERE GOES THE NEIGHBORHOOD!" But why? If you don't want "them" to win, then stop turning over like a lazy bottom and letting these people have their way with you. One local artist, who wishes to remain anonymous, has instead started taking back the walls of Capitol Hill, and putting our Seattle style, middle-finger touch out there.


Now Jagermeister, you are truly a CAP HILL legend. A Legendary DICK. 

Update: Just snagged this daylight photo from Allen Wilson today..



There have been other anti-Jager posters going up as well. This photo was taken from Kelly O's Facebook.

Keep it up and hold your ground!

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Mugshots: Shade! Roaming and Photobooth 3.14.14 The Eagle Nightlife

Written by Nark

Queens and kings and everything in between and beyond have been killing it with the looks and the sexiness at Shade! Thank you for that, in return enjoy your memories below..

It's undeniable, Friday nights at The Eagle are just ridiculous fun. All the time. This weekend we have a double whammy so pay attention, scream queen, general witchcraft practitioner and part time Stevie Nicks impersonator Amoania hosts Dickslap this Friday, along with forest faggot queer Earthen Oxytocin aka Trevvy Trevoix doing a comeback live show in the cage. And just to keep it going night by night, join us on Saturday for the Eagle's 33'rd anniversary, providing cruising for homos for over three decades now, we celebrate with Trouble (Terry Hecker, Trouble Disco), Nark and the return of Rich Kelly to the cage! 

Now now calm down, here are your roaming photos by Kevin Kauer (Nark).

And now your photobooth photos by Rachel Robinson!

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Mugshots: sex.wav 3.06.14 at The Mercury Nightlife

Written by Nark

Photos by Rachel Robinson

Don't miss our weekend of madness coming up!

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Mugshots: Dickslap Gay Olympics, The Eagle 2.21.14 Nightlife

Written by Nark

Well, last week at The Eagle we found out how Seattle does the Olympics- GAY, such makeout, wow. What a super fun night thanks to Mark Louque for turning it out like it was prom all over again, Rich Kelly for steaming up the cage, and I can't wait to see what footage artStar got! Thanks to Rachel Robinson for capturing these photos and Tom Colonna, your local handy homo, for helping me construct our queer olympics sign. Much sparkle.

This Friday is a special debut of our last Friday nights at The Eagle, BEAM ME UP, hosted by TW, with a performance from Minerva Major-Markos and your nu-discotheque DJ's Futurewife and Casewag, get dressed UP. And mark your calendars, next month at Beam Me Up JINKX MONSOON returns to where it all started, the Eagle cage, for a special homecoming performance, 3.28!

Next month at Dickslap, 3.21, we have the incomparable Brian Lyons on the decks, and the return of Trevvy Trevoix (who now goes by Earthen Oxytocin) for a special LIVE performance! Hosted by Amoania.

Without further adieu, photos by Rachel Robinson

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Photobooth: Shade! 2.14.14 The Eagle Nightlife

Written by Nark

Here are the photobooth and some roaming pictures by Rachel Robinson! Get in to the groove, get in to the mood, and get into your jock gear for the Dickslap gay-lympics Friday!

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Mugshots: Shade! 2.14.14 at The Eagle (Roaming Shots) Nightlife

Written by Nark

Another beautiful night at Shade, full of gorgeous creatures! It's great to get shooting again and capture all the lovely faces. Can't wait to see them this Friday at the Dickslap Gay Olympics! Below are the roaming photos by Kevin Kauer, the photobooth photos by Rachel Robinson are coming next!

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Mugshots: sex.wav at The Mercury 2.06.14 Nightlife

Written by Nark

Photos by Rachel Robinson

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Mugshots: Battle of the Seasons Afterparty! The Eagle 2.04.14 Nightlife

Written by Nark

If there's one thing we know, it's that queens love them a Nark party! The Battle of the Seasons afterhours at The Eagle last week was amaze, hosted by future queen of the world Ben Delacreme, we got some gals to come take off their press-ons and touch some boys, including Sharon Needles, Alaska Thunderfuck, Detox, Manila Luzon, Ivy Winters and Pandora Boxx- you CAN party on a Tuesday Seattle! And you look real good doin' it.

See you this week for SHADE, and you better get yourself R-E-A-D-Y for Dickslap next week, there's a whole lot of hot beardy talent comin' in this month. Dahm.

Photos by the incomparable Rachel Robinson!

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